im back.

So ..... it has literally been F O R E V E R since I posted. Lets just say, I was going through a mentally rough phase .... but I am back now, and I am doing a bit better - taking it day by day. However, I decided that no matter what I am... Continue Reading →



So, before i begin - here’s a quick update of where I am emotionally today. I know the last time y’all heard from me i was having a hard time dealing with ending things with Bob. That mf still hasn’t reached out & the sadness and tears I once had have turned into anger and... Continue Reading →


I have come to the conclusion that i suck at relationships. I always find myself falling in love with the potential of men, instead of realizing that I am worthy of a man who is already & currently living up to his full potential. ( well maybe not full, but definitely not starting from scratch... Continue Reading →


A great Read for single moms. I laughed out loud because this sums up my life in a nutshell. Single mom of boys, they keep me on my toes ... - but i wouldn’t change it for the world. #motherhood. ♥️ Parenting alone is a whole another job by itself. With all that a parent... Continue Reading →

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